About me

Dr. phil. Milena A. Raspotnig

Diplom-Psychologist, Naturopath, Therapist and Coach

Since 1993, I have been working in my own practice as psychologist, naturopath, therapist and coach. My areas of expertise are classical homeopathy, natural healing approaches, anthroposophical medicine and herbal medicine. Furthermore my psychological work encompasses individual-, couples- and family-therapy, coaching, shamanic therapy as well as teaching of pschological and natural healing courses.

I studied Psychology and German at the Georgetown University in Washington D.C. and was trained there as an Emergency Medical Technician. After receiving my Bachelor, I continued graduate school at the LMU Munich and the KU Eichstätt, where I received my Diplom in Psychology. I worked at the KU Eichstätt as assistant professor and received my PhD there. At the same time I was trained in therapeutic approaches, with training in NLP, Hypnotherapy, Provocative Therapy, "Gesprächstherapie" and Systemic Psychotherapy.

After taking a three-year maternity leave, I left the university career and successfully completed the training as a Naturopath. I opened my practice 2000 with focus on classical homeopathy as taught by N.Sehgal and anthroposophical medicine. Since then, I have continuosly worked on my training in both the natural healing (especially with focus on natural healing approaches for women) and psychotherapeutic area.

Over the years, I have taught at the University of Eichstätt, various community colleges, self-employed management-, work- and organisation-trainings, self-assertiveness-trainings, NLP-trainings and for Natura Naturans in the Intensive Seminar for Gynecological Female Natural Healing.

Through my Czech roots, I have always been deeply connected with traditional customs. Therefore, it has always been my desire to enhance my well-founded down-to-earth scientific work by collecting knowledge about traditional healing methods and integrating these in my rational healing work. On my search for the ancient traditional wisdom, I have been trained by powerful natural healers and shamans such as the Eskimo-shaman Angakok and the Druid Oona Soleil. Here, my specialty is the combination of modern and traditional spritual communication-techniques for the powerful initiation of change processes, for example for burn-out, lifecrises and traumatic experiences. Both orientations - the modern and the traditional approach - offer effective interventions. When the approaches are combined, they can quickly and successfully lead to an improvement of the situation and open the perspective for new powerful paths. Thereby, it becomes possible to change difficult life situations into valuable learning opportunities and life experiences.

My aim is to always assist all my clients in walking their path in full strength, health and beauty.

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