Schamanic Psychotherapy and Trauma healing

Long before our western allopathic medicine was developed, there were healers around the world, who carried a vast knowledge about natural healing approaches for curing ailments. What all these approaches have in common is that the body, mind and soul are regarded as a unity. If there is a disbalance or illness on one of these levels, then it influences the whole person. If you then only treat a symptom on this specific level (for example only on the physical level) and the other levels remain untouched, rarely is deep healing achieved. Instead, a shifting of symptoms can be caused. To avoid such a shifting of symptoms and to achieve an in-depth healing, it is important to regard and treat all levels - the body, the mind and the soul. 

There are situations in life, that absolutely demand a treatment on the soul-level for healing to occur, such as traumatic experiences, the death of a loved-one, miscarriages, burn-out, etc. For these challenges, traditional schamanic approaches offer highly effective and powerful healing methods.

Being born into a family of healers, I have always been innately connected with traditional healing approaches. Furthermore, I have been trained for many years by natural healers, keepers of the old wisdom and powerful shamans, such as an Inuit-Shaman, a Mayan curandera and ancient Inka-traditions. After being the personal assistant of a curandera for many years, I was accepted and initiated into a powerful lineage of Mayan healers. 

Therefore, if you have reached a point in your life, where you need support with your future path, 
I can offer you various shamanic healing methods. Possible situations where this can help is: for letting go of burdening experiences, to overcome grief and disappointments, to deal with deep losses, if you wish to feel the strength of your ancestors, if you are searching for new paths to walk, if you desire connection to the limitless energysource of the universe to move into your own strength or if you need an energetic housecleaning.

The past years, I have specialized in trauma healing by combining modern scientific methods of psychotherapy with naturopathic medicine and traditional energetic healing approaches to efficiently help traumatized clients to heal not only their own trauma, but also the trauma of past generations. As I was taught, that we are influenced by seven generations and we also influence seven generations. Healing trauma and post-traumatic-stress-symptoms therefore has a vital effect not just for us but also for the generations that have walked before us and those who will come after us, our childrens children. 

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