Psychotherapy & Coaching

During the path of our life, we are repeatedly confronted with challenges. Most of these learning experiences, we can master by ourselves. However, sometimes there are situations, in which it can be immensely helpful to be supported by qualified and professional assitance in finding a solution or new approach. 

If you find, you need support in life crises and challenges - whether it is the search for the right path, changes in your life after the birth of a child or a miscarriage, difficulties in your partnership or career, separation or divorce, the death of a beloved person, burn-out crises, etc. - then I will readily stand by your side and caringly yet professionally have your back.

Just as with my approach to natural healing, here too, I believe: to be able to offer effective and powerful support, it is necessary to have ample time. Therefore, you yourself decide during the appointments, how much time you need, how much you need to talk, in order to come into your own strength again so that you can powerfully continue walking your path. Furthermore, you decide, how often you need an appointment. There are situations, in which it is useful to meet on a weekly basis. Just as often there are situations in which appointments every 4-6 weeks are enough to move you onto the right path.

My aim is, that you are in your own strength and responsibility, so that you are filled with energy, health, authenticity and clear focus, to successfully walk your path.

To successfully reach this goal, I offer the following options:

- Individual-therapy/Couples-therapy/Family-therapy

- Coaching and Counseling during Burnout, Lifecrises, Trauma, New Orientation, Pregnancy/Nursing, Parenting-counseling, other Challenges

- Schamanic Psychotherapy and Healing Approaches                         

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