Parenting Counseling

Support during critical parenting situations

Our goal as parents is to nurture our children as well as possible. And yet, situations arise in which we reach our limitations. Child development means constant change. If then, additional challenges arise, such as teething, the birth of a sibling, kindergarten, school, puberty, etc., this can sometimes be overwhelming, causing various symptoms such as:

- Fear

- Aggressions 

- Phases of defiance

- Bursts of temper

- inner and outer restlessness

- Attention deficit problems

- Learning- and concentration-difficulties

- Lack of self-esteem, timidity

- Problematic processing of disappointments, grief, lovesickness 

- Inner withdrawal

In such situations it can be very helpful, to illuminate the situation from a neutral standpoint, thereby finding new constructive approaches. Gladly I can counsel and support you in discovering these new avenues.

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