Trauma healing and Coaching

Discovering new perspectives and paths

We all experience phases in our lives, in which it seems difficult to shape our life according to our abilities and possibilities. Negatively experienced feelings, such as fear, doubt, anger, guilt, or traumatic childhood experiences can hinder us from developing our own self and keep us from being in harmony with ourselves. Being open to get support in these situations is a first step to move into a caring and mature lifestyle. This makes it possible to discover powerful new perspectives and paths. Sometimes this can already be achieved during a single appointment.  Not always is it necessary to plan a long-term therapy.

Trauma healing

For many years now, I have specialized in trauma healing by combining modern scientific methods of psychotherapy with naturopathic medicine and traditional energetic healing approaches to efficiently help traumatized clients to heal not only their own trauma, but also the trauma of past generations. As I was taught, that we are influenced by seven generations and we also influence seven generations. Healing trauma and post-traumatic-stress-symptoms therefore has a vital effect not just for us but also for the generations that have walked before us and those who will come after us, our childrens children. 


For longterm success in life and a high quality of living, it is necessary to balance all aspects of life. A healthy work-life-balance can avoid burn-out, frustration and stress. Problems in your job directly influence the motivation and productivity in your personal life - a simple time-management alone does not help. I will gladly show you, how it is possible to find a good and healthy balance in all your areas of living.

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