HPU - a highly underestimated easily treatable condition

"Am I highly sensitive because I have HPU or do I have HPU because I'm highly sensitive?" This is an important question for all highly sensitive people … But HPU is also a central issue for all those who have symptoms that have proven difficult to explain or treat medically ...

Haemopyrrollactamuria, or HPU for short, is a hereditary metabolic disorder that occurs relatively frequently. It is estimated that 10% of all women and 1% of all men are affected. In my practice, however, I experience that about 70-80% of my patients are affected by HPU, which is understandable, since the frequency of occurrence of HPU in patients with chronic diseases and patients receiving psychotherapy is at least 50%.

The metabolic disorder HPU causes the biochemical haem structure of hemoglobin to close inside out, which leads to a massive mineral and vitamin deficiency in the body at the cellular level (it is not uncommon for nutrients to be sufficiently available in the blood, but they no longer reach the cells). At the same time, there is also a blatant lack of functional haem in the body, which means that important metabolic processes such as oxygen transport, detoxification and energy production function poorly or not at all. In the long term, this results in damage to joints, organs, muscles, nerves and mitochondria. 

HPU causes a wide range of symptoms on a physical and psychological level. Particularly common physical symptoms include gastrointestinal problems, allergies, skin and mucous membrane problems, cardiovascular diseases, blood pressure problems, susceptibility to infections, menstrual problems, fertility disorders, and muscle and joint problems. Psychological complaints are just as varied: from depressive moods, sleep disorders, anxiety, rapid exhaustion, lack of stress resistance, concentration disorders, ADHD, Asperger symptoms, hypersensitivity and general instability, chronic fatigue symptoms to burnout symptoms.

HPU sufferers are therefore often patients with a peculiar collection of treatment-resistant symptoms. They desperately go from doctor to doctor without really finding peace and health. Very often they end up in psychosomatic treatments, as many therapists neither know nor diagnose HPU and therefore cannot find a physical explanation for the symptoms. This also explains why many of the patients of my psychotherapeutic and naturopathic practice are HPU-positive. It is often a great relief for them to find out that they are not imagining their symptoms, but that there is actually a physical, easily treatable cause and explanation for them.

Do you suspect that you may have HPU? Then we can easily check this with a urine test. 

The metabolic disorder can be treated easily, even if it can not be completely eliminated - i.e. the tendency to react with increased mineral and vitamin loss, especially in stressful situations, is a lifelong vulnerability. The wonderful thing about the knowledge of HPU, however, is that the system can be wonderfully stabilised by natural means, so that although the HPU-typical (and actually positive) sensitive personality remains, while clarity, strength, stability and energy are brought into the system.

You can find more information about HPU in my book and if you would like in a personal conversation. Feel free to contact us and set up an appointment.

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