Homeopathy for Children

One of the focal points in my practice is classical homeopathy for children and adolescents. Especially for children, homeopathy is an effective and nurturing treatment. With homeopathy, it is possible not only to treat acute, but also chronic illnesses. The effectiveness is not only limited to physical illnesses, it can also reach the mind and soul of the child. In connection with well-founded psychological considerations, it is possible to grasp and support the child on all levels. My extensive training and longtime experience of working with small patients enables me to offer such a comprehensive and caring treatment.

Surely, as parents, you have noticed that already a newborn child can express his/her personality very clearly and determinedly. Therefore, it is my desire to understand even my youngest patient in-depth, so that I can successfully choose the fitting and thereby healing homeopathic remedy.

In my practice, you will find an open, caring and playful environment, so that the children can feel at ease and show themselves with their whole personality. By carefully watching the children in my practice, along with your perceptions of your child, I am able compile a comprehensive picture. To complete the picture, your situation as mother and/or father, the pregnancy and the child's birth play a vital role.

Classical homeopathy helps with various conditions:

Physical: Flatulence, colics, teething, colds/flu, viral and bacterial infections, ear infections, cough, headaches, pseudocroup, fever, fever convulsions, asthma, herpes, allergies, skin conditions, warts, recurrent infections, weak immune system, and much more...

Mental: Sleeping disorders, nightmares, fears, timidity, aggressions, bedwetting, language disabilities, learning-/concentration-problems, fatigue, ADS/ADHS, developmental problems, social problems, love sickness and much more...

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