Anthroposophical Medicine

Anthroposophical medicine has two foundations: On one hand, the treatments are based on the research and insights of modern allopathic medicine; on the other hand it works with the findings of Dr. Rudolf Steiner (1861-1925) and the extensive anthroposophical research. Therefore, anthroposophical medicine focuses on the needs of the physical body of the patient, while also regarding the personality and soul of the individual as highly important. Here, all aspects of the individual and his life situation are important, especially the personal rhythms and symptoms. Each patient is regarded as an individual with distinct needs - anthroposophical medicine aims to treat the uniqueness of each patient, to fulfill the individual needs and strengthening the energetic field with the appropriate natural medicines, so that the body can heal itself.

Anthroposophical remedies originate in the various natural realms - minerals, metals, plants and animals. With a wide variety of production processes, the various natural base materials are broken-down, combined and turned into remedies. Thereby a wide array of natural remedies have been developed, that have, due to their combined qualities, a much stronger healing power than if each substance would stand by itself. This offers the possibility to choose from a broad spectrum of potent remedies to support the individual in his/her needs to enable the path of self-healing.

The most famous remedies of anthroposophical medicine are the mistletoe remedies. They are effectively employed in natural supplementary cancer therapy. Moreover, a wide variety of acute and chronic illnesses can be effectively treated anthroposophically, such as thyroid problems, digestive problems, heart conditions, skin conditions, viral and bacterial infections, bladder infections, migraine, rheumatic problems, menopause, but also mental illnesses such as sleeping disorders, depression, burn-out and much more...


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