Homeopathy & Natural Healing

Natural healing offers a wide spectrum of powerful and effective Methods for healing/alleviation of illnesses. By treating the person as a whole and taking all aspects (physical, mental and spiritual) into account, it is possible to help and heal on very deep levels.

In order for such a comprehensive treatment to become possible, it is important to have ample time. Therefore, I plan one to two hours time for each appointment, giving enough time to delve into all aspects of the problem. The appointment takes place in a relaxed and safe setting in friendly practice rooms. During this time, there is ample space for you and your needs, so that we can look at all relevant problems, to then find the optimal therapeutic path.

The natural healing approaches that I can offer for this are:

- Classical Homeopathy

- Homeopathy for Children

- Anthroposophical Medicine

- Natural Healing for Women

- Treatment for the Unfulfilled Wish to have Children

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