A New Era with a New Mankind

We live in interesting times of change: The world reflects back to us day after day that the old structures no longer work, that changes are needed at all levels. Thus, familiar systems are currently breaking down and new ways of being together must be found. Old inflexible structures try to rebel against these challenges, because change creates fear and so many just fall back to habitual strategies of control and narrowness. 

However, prophecies predict that in the long run, the movement will be a positive one towards more light, healing, love and freedom. Hence, many indigenous and healing traditions are currently teaching about the need for change and talking about the beginning of new times. Astrologically it is said that we are in the midst of the transition from the Age of Pisces to the Age of Aquarius, the Mayans speak of a new calendar with a temporal transition of change from 2012 to 2032. Moreover, the Incas also teach that we are in an age of upheaval, transformation and growth. They tell the legend of an angel who looked into the future and saw, that at this present time, many challenges for humanity lie ahead; that the era in which humans exploit mother nature and in which the feminine forces are not honored is coming to an end; that these old structures would no longer work. They teach us that a new kind of human being will be needed to deal with these new energies, that a change will come not only in the nature of human beings but also in their genetic makeup.  In the past, genetic changes were only possible from generation to generation. At present, however, we are witnessing that genetic change has become possible even during a person’s lifetime, and that, as a result, strong positive growth is possible.

Thus, Alberto Villoldo, together with the Q'eros, the descendants of the Incas, reports that humanity is currently evolving away from Homo Sapiens towards the new species Homo Luminus, the light-bearing human, and that this genetic change is possible for all humans, through initiations, new teachings and behavioral changes even within their own lifetime. Alberto Villoldo describes that, as Homo Luminus, people would then grow, age, heal and also die differently. 

At the moment, we are standing at a threshold where we are faced with a choice: Do we venture into new territory or do we hold on tight to the old, familiar, safe structures that have exploited our world and Mother Nature? Do we hold on to structures that have ignored feminine energies or do we allow both elements the feminine and masculine energies to coexist, interweave and blossom?

We have witnessed that this oppressive, controlling energy does not work in the long run, because Mother Earth - Pacha Mama - as the Incas lovingly call her - and the feminine energies are creative energies, they allow life to emerge and blossom. It is this creative power that nurtures us and gives us a home. If we suppress or mistreat these energies, then we also destroy our habitat and our own existence. 

To go new ways, however, takes courage. We have the choice: We can allow fear to paralyze us, or we can use the powerful elemental force of fear to make the impossible possible. If we use fear to empower us and motivate us, then it can give us the drive to open up to new ways which will honor the subtle, the sensitive and the feminine. Not everything in our world is visible and can be grasped with the mind. If we live only according to the old structures, i.e. accept only what can be seen, grasped and measured, then we lose many of the nurturing, healing powers of Mother Nature and the feminine energies, for these are mostly energetic powers. If we open our senses again to the subtle, the feminine in all of us, the energies that exist and are ready to hold and nourish us, then this also enlightens our light energy field. The increased light in our energy field then also changes our genetic composition in every cell of our body. This new body, as mentioned above, exists differently; it grows, ages, heals and also dies differently. Death will no longer frighten us. We can then go our way, filled with light, and bring healing to this beautiful world.

Many of you will also have noticed that your bodies, your energy field is already changing. A great number of our children are currently already coming into the world with such a new luminous energy field and corresponding body. However, this change from Homo Sapiens to Homo Luminus also brings some challenges, because as Homo Luminus as well as a budding Homo Luminus, the familiar ways of living, such as the usual diet and lifestyle, as well as many allopathic healing methods, no longer work. Allergies, various diseases and other challenges arise, so that we must first learn to deal with the new body in a healthy way.

In my practice, I treat more and more people, who perceive themselves as highly sensitive, who struggle with the fact that precisely the usual style of living no longer works. They react much more sensitively to outside influences. It needs a new, different approach to getting to know and respect all these changes. Only when a new lifestyle and attitude is successfully implemented, can the reshaping of the system be seen as a strength and a gift … instead of condemning it as an annoying weakness, as is so often the case today. 

At present, I see many people in my practice with symptoms that can no longer be clearly classified in the usual disease patterns. Patients come to me, who experience that something is wrong with them, that they are not in balance and that the usual medical approaches are no longer of assistance to them. Their symptoms are effects of the newly emerging system, that is still struggling to come to terms with the present world. This is, of course, initially troublesome and exhausting, but it is precisely this, that will then lead to changes in the world, as we will necessarily shave to adapt our interactions with the world to the needs of our new more luminous body.

Typical effects of these changes are 

- that there are more intolerances - food, chemical substances, radiation, sounds, and much more,

- that energies affect one's field much more clearly,

- that the system sensitively perceives and absorbs all impressions, even subtle ones,

- that the metabolism of the body is altered, 

- that stronger boundaries must be maintained to prevent overstraining,

- that one loses grounding very quickly and therefore needs a lot of grounding nourishment,

- that the body reacts to medication in a completely different, more sensitive, more unpredictable manner than before, 

- that we need different, more careful dosages of everything we injest, 

- that in order to heal and stay healthy, the body needs completely different healing treatment approaches such as mindful naturopathy and energetic approaches, 

- that there is a much greater need for spiritual nourishment,

- that the system needs sufficient, increased retreats and times of rest, 

- that the system needs a lot of contact with nature and light-filled people in order to thrive,

- that a work environment is needed which values the new gifts, needs and talents,

- that the private environment must learn to deal with this new way of being,

- that the path of life must be meaningful and in harmony with the path of the soul.

The metabolic disorder HPU is also a clear expression of these changes. In this metabolic disorder, the body loses important nutrients under stress, then starves at the cellular level, and therefore needs a completely different way of dealing with certain vitamins, minerals and nutrition, as well as lifestyle, in order to remain healthy and functional. Approximately 80% of my patients in my practice have HPU, this metabolic disorder is not an illness or a problem, however it is important to take it seriously and to give the body accordingly what it needs to thrive. HPU is easily measurable and treatable and most importantly it is simply a sign that the body is changing towards Homo Luminus. It is a very clear sign that the system is in the process of actively transforming to Homo Luminus and that the system needs healthy support in this transformation. 

Once an individual has understood and accepted all these changes, 
has recognized the benefits and necessity of all these changes, 
has aligned one's life with them, 
provides for a healthy supportive environment, 
has a strong connection to Mother Earth and the Goddess, who holds and nourishes us, 
then, one may experience that this new state is not only healing for oneself but also for the whole environment, most of all healing for nature and Mother Earth.

If one begins to honor and appreciate oneself and this new field of light energy, then one will realize that what first presented itself as a super sensitive organism is actually a powerful system. It is a whole new kind of being, which can recognize and perceive much more, can give much more fulfillment, and in fact provides a much healthier way of growing, thriving and creating. The body then also heals differently - no longer with the help of strong doses of allopathic chemical medicines, but through natural and energetic healing methods. And the body ages differently - one stays much longer young, flexible, powerful and agile, but at the same time becomes wise and experienced so much quicker thanks to the more sensitive perceptions. And last but not least, you die differently - you live your life to the fullest, leading a spiritually enriched life and thereby achieving what the Sufis aspire to: "That you should die before you die." This means nothing more than that one discards the fear of darkness and death on the path of life ... for only by doing so can one then truly find the light within oneself, the light in the universe, the deep connection with the Goddess, and the courage to live .... And then when the time has come to die, one consciously walks this path with deep peace and confidence, filled with light … thereby gently changing from one world to the next.

Who wants to take this step towards Homo Luminus? Who already is on this path and would like to have support here? Traditional teachings, such as those of the Incas and Mayas, but also modern naturopathy, can provide valuable support: there are powerful initiations that smooth and prepare the transition, traditional teachings and divinations that explain, strengthen and stabilize the transformation, as well as naturopathic, energetic and spiritual approaches that support the system on this path of light, away from Homo sapiens towards Homo Luminus in a powerful and healthy way. 

But be mindful, there is also a lot of spiritual soft fluff being spread at the moment that does not serve the new system, that unnecessarily weakens this body of light. You will always know if you are on the right path, when the methods you seek to support you on this path feel good, strengthening and right. These supportive approaches and teachings may not always necessarily be gentle, but they will nourish you and guide your system into becoming ever more healthy, stable and luminous. 

A razor-sharp perception and clear intuition are the main gifts of Homo Luminus. Learn to allow this perception and intuition to become a part of you with deep gratitude, listen to it, take it seriously and appreciate it. It is through these steps that you will find yourself on the path of light. May this path be powerful, healthy and luminous for you - may it radiate the light of Homo Luminus.

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